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Trained 2013

About me

Arizona School of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist

 Graduated 2004



I have been interested in birth since I was very young. Watching litters of puppies and kittens come into the world had a huge impact on me. I was a veterinary technician for several years and worked with Animal Control and the ASPCA which afforded me countless opportunities to see all manner of creatures take their first breaths and open their eyes to a world, brand new. 

I have been a Massage Therapist, trained in more than 17 modalities, since 2004. I practiced and managed a spa in Phoenix, Arizona and I provided massage therapy along side chiropractic care in more clinical settings as well. Being a bodyworker is a perfect foundation for birth work. 

I think it was a natural progression for me to transition and use my background, skills, and training to become a doula and a childbirth educator. Selfishly, I really enjoy the ability to connect with people during such a beautiful time in their lives. It is an honor to witness the strength of those bringing their babies into this world, and even more so to be invited to support them and their partners as they do it. Through this work and life experience I realized I was being called to the practice of Midwifery.

Currently, I am apprenticing to become a midwife. I am a wife to a very loving husband (my doula) and a mother to three beautiful children. We are passionate about the environment and try to live responsibly.  We teach our children to respect our precious resources, and about how we can protect the earth. We strive to maintain a healthy vegetarian/vegan diet using organic, locally sourced or homegrown foods. Nutrition is the cornerstone of our lives, I teach this in my classes, I believe in walking the walk.         

My Philosophy

We all have choices in everything we do. Respecting and supporting the choices that others make surrounding pregnancy and birth is an important function in today's society. I enjoy helping parents and partners find the answers to their own questions and have the facts to back those choices up so that they feel comfortable with the decisions they are making for their families.  I am a firm believer in determination, setting goals and preparation.

There is nothing easy about pregnancy, birth or parenting. Having a list of goals and surrounding ourselves with those who believe in us and our choices is necessary to create the environment in which those goals are possible. It is very easy to get discouraged when we have setbacks. Unless we bolster ourselves with positive intentions and faith in our convictions we are pushing ourselves toward disappointment.Knowing how you would like to react when things come your way is crucial preparation that can help you to face any challenge presented to you.

Meeting your fears for the first time in labor can make you freeze up and stall out. I like to discuss your plans and your fears and everything in between ahead of time. I value the importance of honesty and trust. I do not sugar-coat things or pretend there is not an elephant in the room when there is one. I believe that it is wonderful to have a "dream birth" goal but I know that it is a must to have a back-up plan or two. I am here to provide support and information that will help guide you through your birthing experience. Every birth is unique. I am honored to hold space for the way your baby and body intend for your birth to happen.    



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